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Typhoon Donations Needed


A week ago the Manila and Luzon was hit by the worst storm in over 40 years. As we all have seen on the news, tropical Storm Ketsana (Ondoy) caused major floods and a major loss of home, and life. A week later, Super Typhoon Pepeng (Parma) hit northern Luzon with winds over 108 miles per hour when it made landfall.

There has been much damage, flooding, loss of homes, contamination of water and foods. Many people only have the clothes on their backs. With the floods and damage, many people who earn as day laborers have make no income and cannot feet their families. Many do not even have a home left for their families.

One of the Nabs-cbn-logoational TV stations ABS-CBN has a donation center in Davao. Since many of my readers are either Filipino, living in the Philippines, planning to move to the Philippines, or have family from or living in the Philippines, I am making this offer. Anyone that would like to donate to the Typhoon victims, for the next two weeks, any donations to this site through PayPal, I will deliver to ABS-CBN.


I know many will want a receipt for their taxes, and for those, contact the Red Cross and tell them it is for the Philippine Typhoon Relief. For those that just care and want to give, I will assist you through this site.

No part of any of the donations will be kept or used for anything. I will take the amount donate and drive to ABS-CBN to donate. If asked for a donor, I will label it as Friends of American in Davao and the Philippines.

I will report how much I have received and if you donate and want your name and amount published, I will thank you here besides with a personal email.

3 Responses to “Typhoon Donations Needed”

  1. Evelyn says:

    hi bruce,
    what happened there in manila is really devastating…. ..i solicited donations from my children (i have 2 here) and sent it thru the PMAP (Phil Modelling Asso of the Phil) where a nephew is a member..and if you have watched the buzz last sunday,towards the end of the show Pheomela Baranda thanked us..I am still thinking of soliciting from my friends here…..
    Thank you for initiating the drive…You are such a wonderful person…

    • Bruce says:

      I feel bad it took me so long to think of doing this. So far I have had no donations. It might be because of the economy, lack of concern or preference to donate through a charity where they can receive a tax credit. What ever the case, I have tried to assist.

  2. i feel so devastated everytime i remembered what had happened in the philippines way back two years. but im happy to know that people are willing to help each other. i believe we will get through it.

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