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We are on the last Leg

Well all, the time is getting close.

When we got her approval from the National Visa Center, we were told Elena had to bring two items with corrections. Then looking online at the the Travel.State.Gov site, we saw Elena needed to go in advance for her medical exam at St. Lukes.

To make sure everything was complete and forwarded to the Embassy by her interview, Elena flew to Manila the last week of April for her Medical and then returned to Manila May 5th for the May 6th interview.

Well, it turned out the wait to be called was much longer than the interview. Elena offered the corrected items and the interviewer told her it they were not needed and after a few questions Elena was told she was approved.

The total interview took lest than 5 minutes. Now Elena will fly back home, start organizing her packing and wait for her visa to arrive. Once it arrives she will get prices for airfare and then purchase the tickets.

Once in Manila, she will have to go to the CFO office to get the sticker placed in her visa so the officials at the airport will let her exit. See my article about the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

I am so excited and so is my mother and brother. It has been a long process. For my mother and Brother, it has been 5 years of them waiting to meet Elena.

I hope Elena comes before the end of May since, as a taxi driver,  I can get 2 free tickets to see Gladys Knight at the Tropicana.

I will keep you all informed about the rest of the process and then let you know how Elena enjoys America and Las Vegas.

I also want to thank my readers for the good wishes and prayers.

25 Responses to “We are on the last Leg”

  1. Donm says:

    Everyting is on tract–not long now!!!

  2. Kevin says:

    Glad to hear the good news. Keep us informed.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Horaayyyyyy. I’m glad it’s finally coming to an end Bruce. This is a great news.

  4. Lonnie Carreau says:

    This is great news Bruce! I have followed your blog for about 2 years now. I wish you and Elena much happiness.


  5. Ken says:

    Congrats Bruce!!!

    My wife just received a 2 year reciprocity visa a few weeks ago. We are currently working abroad, and will arrive in Las Vegas on the 21st of June. I used to live there years ago when I worked at Hoover Dam, and still have 2 adult children and an Uncle living there.

    Congrats again and best of luck to you and Elena.


  6. Billy Escobar says:

    Good to hear everything is working out. I was actually in Davao for the first tme last month and enjoyed it there. God Bless and I pray Elena makes it safely so you two can be reunited.

  7. Jeff says:

    Be sure to blog when she gets here and let us know the wait is over. Good luck Bruce.

  8. Jim says:

    Hi Bruce – Glad to hear all is well and you will both be back together again soon.
    Don’t keep us waiting too long to let us all know what happens when Elena arrives apart from the obvious oops sorry folks.
    All the very best to you both.
    Jim & Marilou in Bukidnon.

  9. *lynne* says:

    All of a sudden 7 of your blogposts appeared in my reader, not sure what was up with that. But I’m glad to read the (older) updates, and woohoooooooo I’m so happy for you and Elena! All the best to the both of you to get through this last stage before you are reunited!!

  10. Marcel says:

    Hi Bruce, any update in regards of Elena’s arrival?

  11. Riza says:

    I am really happy to learn that both of you will finally be together, this is great news! She may have probably be with you at the time of my posting this comment and I just want to extend my congratulations! 🙂

  12. Nestor says:

    Congratulations Bruce. And I’ll keep an eye on your cab next time I go to Vegas.

  13. roy says:

    Hi Bruce, it’s July already. How are things? You’re making us wait too long for some updates. 🙂 Hope everything’s well.

  14. Joy says:

    Congrats!!! Give us some tips how to make those transactions fast. thanks!

  15. Patience is waiting!!! Goodluck to you and Elena.. You do good story…continue writing.

  16. Neal in RI says:

    Getting the sinking feeling your blog here is dead??

  17. Neal in RI says:


    Take care on the long days in the Vegas Heat.
    Your sweetheart will be there soon I can see in in the stars. Wink!!

  18. Neal in RI says:

    RETRACTION, your blog is NOT Dead at all..

  19. Ben says:

    We’re all eagerly waiting for an update about you and Elena. Certainly hope everything is alright.

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