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We won Seats

As I have posted in other articles about Metro Card Club in Davao, on Wednesday nights is Ladies Night” where ladies get their initial buy-in and tournament registration free where men have to pay 200 Php buy-in and 50 Php registration. If you need chips, both men and women pay 100 Php for 5,000 in chips and at the first break you can “Add-on” for 100 Php for an additional 7,000 in Chips. They have increasing “Blinds” that increases every 15 minutes. It starts at 25 small blind and 50 big blind. Eventually there is an Ante too that started at 25 and increases too. Over time the Blinds can grow to quite high so you have to have a decent stack just to cover the blind.

Well, Wednesday nights has become a social activity for many expats and more so for the wives. Last night there were a few wives who came and not to play. One was there without her husband since he is back visiting the US. Last night was one of the wives Birthdays so one of the wives brought a Birthday cake.

The club is very nice and the employees very friendly. With just the few times I have been there, the girl who takes the payment and assigns seats even remembers my name. I have also gotten to know many of the regular Filipino players and we shake hands and ask how we are doing. There are always discussions about who has won or lost and other stories. I even joked with the Floor Manager that everyone is so nice, even though I never win, I still come back.

I am not sure of how many started but I think there were 4 tables with up to 10 players per table. I started slow and if I won a hand it had a small pot. In the middle of the second round, I had to buy-in for more chips. I am now taking more chances and it worked out for me. As the night progressed and players lost their chips, they will move people to other tables to reduce the tables in use and have more players per table. After the second break I had about 40,000 chips. Elena was still in and doing well too.metro-logothumb

At one point, I was enjoying the game and doing well when one of the players stood up and said, “Ok, it is over.” I was confused, he had chips and he just got up to walk away. Well we were down to 10 male players and they were giving 10 seats to the men and 3 for the top 3 women players for Sundays Level 2 Tournament.

Since there is no cash prizes and just to win a seat, for the men, we were finished. I got up and had a cigarette and when I came back there was only one table of women and Elena was one of the 7 remaining. Elena was doing well and eventually the number of players decreased and finally Elena was in the last 3.

Now but Elena and I will be in Sundays tournament where there is cash prizes and seats for the next big prize tournament.

I will keep you updated on how we do on Sunday, and if you are planning to visit Davao, brush up on your Texas Hold-Um skills for a fun evening.

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    Bruce, closing program just finished to today…how are you…?

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