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What and Who I am leaving Behind

Well, my move is getting close. My boxes have been dropped off at the shippers, I have my airline tickets and all is set for my December 4th departure.

I do not mind the material things I am leaving behind since I am not a very materialistic person. I enjoyed my comforts, and at times I will probably think of them and miss them somewhat. But I have packed a lot of my mementos.

I know over time my live will become accustomed to my life in the Philippines. There are differences in some things, similarities in others.

From past trips I have seen how Elena has been so thoughtful to make me comfortable. Most of all, her love for me and the love of her family will make up for much.

I am leaving my mom and a brother. I love my mom and enjoy spending time with her, but she has her life with her boyfriend. They live separately but spend a lot of time together. He has a yacht and they spend every other week end on the boat. They either just relaxes on the boat docked to the slip, or take the boat out for a day trip or even a few days.

My brother and I have been distant most of our lives in both geography and personalities. We are so different and I have joked the only thing in common is our parents. But he has a computer and is planning to get a web cam so we can video chat. He has joked that we will talk and see each other more often than in the past.

I think the last time I saw him was about 2 years ago. In the 10 years I have lived in Florida I have seen him maybe 4 times.

Before moving to Florida, I had lived in Southern California for 18 years. In that time I, at times would visit my parents in New York and sometimes they would visit me in California. Most of the time it was just weekly phone calls.

I do wish my mom was not a total illiterate with computers. It would be nice to video conference with her. But technology is difficult to her to lean and understand, she even prefers manual typewriters than electric ones. She even just knows the basics of her cell phone.

I do hope someday she will be willing to come visit us in Davao. I have also talked to my brother about visiting too.

I have talked to my mom that if the time ever comes that she needs to have a caretaker or a nursing home, I would prefer her to come live with us. With the cost of labor being so much less I the Philippines, we could hire all the home care personnel she would need and she would also be with Elena and me to give her all the love and attention she would want.

I have also offered my brother to come live with us once he is ready to retire. I have explained how much further social security benefits would last.

Well, with my moves over my life, I look forward to my life’s new adventure and all the love and companionship I have longed for over my life.

What do you think? Are you far from family and loved ones. If you have not moved yet, do you think you would miss all you would be leaving? Write a comment and share your thoughts.

4 Responses to “What and Who I am leaving Behind”

  1. This is a very hard thing to know, of course family members will be missed a lot, but like you I have been living far away from them for 8-9 years now. Your offer to them that they can go there and live with you when they have a wish or need is just great!

    • Bruce says:

      My offer is to my brother, even if he has had very contact with me. I hope my mother never plans to visit. She is so conditioned with her comforts, I think the moment she gets off the plan, sees the poverty and crowds, she will walk back into the airport and buy a seat on the next flight out.

  2. Anthony says:

    Bruce, Man we have some similarities.I am in Laguna Niguel Ca,State College here,love USC football,Loved the early and 80 Raiders,Lakers,Dodgers.My 2 boys there are nicknamed in true Filipino tradition respectively Tiger and Kobe. Yes i will be arriving to my wife kids and new life in Davao in Dec 09. Sad to say both my parents are like your mom in that way.Just seems to me the American State dept. reports so much negativity about the Philippines that Americans soak it up and believe everything they hear,see and read in the fish wrap[newspapers], net and cable.I am headed down this same life path and greatly appreciate your site and insight.

    • Bruce says:

      I am not a sports fan, but look forward to reminiscing about Southern California. Unfortunately my mom is computer illiterate. It would save time and money if we could chat and email each other.
      I am glad you enjoy my site and hope you will continue to visit and will pass it along to friends.

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