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Where are all the Jeepneys?

This morning, one of my nieces told us she would not be able to go to school because of a Jeepney Strike. Without Jeepneys operating usually classes are closed at the colleges since students will not be able to get there. Since she was not sure if classes were canceled, I drove here to School. Even with no running Jeppneys traffic was bad, but not compared to usual days.

If you do not know most public transportation is by Jeepneys, MultiCabs and Tricycles. I know someone will tell me other names, and I know there are, but these are what I use and been told.

Tricycles are for short local rides in subdivisions or short distances. Most have actually 4 wheels, 2 from the motorcycle that powers  and 2 rear wheels. There are some small ones made up of a motorcycle and a small sidecar with seating for 2 or 4. The larger ones look like a minivan with a motorcycle welded to the chassis.

Jeepneys are like elongated Jeeps where you climb in the rear and can hold approximately 18 passengers with bench type seating on each side. There are also Multicabs which are like small truck or Van where the cargo area has bench seats on each side too but only hold about 12 passengers.Typical Jeepney

There are not official stops, they just pull over to the curb whenever someone waves for a ride or to discharge riders. Here the main streets can get clogged with the all vehicles weaving and passing around other Jeepneys stopping and going. This also causes lots of horn honking and cars, trucks and motorcycles squeezing over of moving into the next lane.

Well this morning the drivers went on strike to protest new fines. The LTO (Land Transportation Office) increased fines for the drivers. This is to reduce unsafe driving.

The Fines and infractions are:

Based on the new penalty scheme, a person driving under the influence of drugs will be fined P10,000 and his driver’s license possibly getting revoked. Driving under the influence of liquor gets a P5,000 fine.
The new order also imposes higher penalties for the following violations:
* Driving without license, P1,500
* Driving with an expired license, P400
* Failure to carry a license, P200
* Possessing a fake driver’s license, P2,000MultiCab
* Conviction of a crime using a motor vehicle, P3,000

For operating or driving an unregistered or improperly registered vehicle, a fine of P2,000 will be imposed on the driver if he uses the vehicle without the knowledge and consent of the owner. If the driver is also the owner of the vehicle, he will have to pay P4,000.
The news says some of these are a 300% increase. As stated in the article and my feelings are why complain about the fines if you follow the laws. As paraphrasing an old saying “Don’t do the Crime if you cannot afford the Fine”

For more information, see the Sun Star article online



14 Responses to “Where are all the Jeepneys?”

  1. Palawan says:

    it is very sad that many here in the philippines go out into the streets and scream justice. Ther real motive however is their inablility to follow the rules. My father is a driver. A truck driver when he waas still 16 years old, and driving became a living. He never was once part of these strikes, which really never amounted to nothing. I am very proud of my father..the reason for that he never makes an excuse about following rules…

    • Bruce says:

      I feel demonstrations are not a bad thing if done in a peaceful way. Who else will their plight be known. I do have problems when it hurts the people they service or disrupts normal life. But, if it did not do some disturbances, would people notice. I did enjoy the lighter traffic and smaller crowds in the mall. 🙂

  2. Palawan says:

    hehee..yeah..but sometimes many of these demonstrations get out of hand..don’t you know that the ousting of former president joseph estrada was a fake? Almost everybody there were paid to go and participate in the demonstration..the problem with demonstrations here in the Philippines you can’t see the line between the real thing and the foolishly motivated one..hehee..

    • Bruce says:

      I had not heard they were paid. I did here a lot of the demonstrators were contacted by text message. So Estrada was the first President who left office by use of cell phone texting.

  3. Palawan says:

    hehehe…that I do not know..heheh..

  4. Ray says:

    You said the drivers went on strike to protest new fines. LOL
    If they obeyed the rules they would not have to worry about fines. Only in the Philippines 😀

    • Bruce says:

      My sentiments exactly. If the driving was better and drivers more courtious and considerate there would be less accidents and better driving conditions.

      • Ray says:

        Hi Bruce

        Less accidents? In all my visits to the Philippines I have only witnessed 3 accidents and none were serious.

        • Bruce says:

          Actually it is true, there are a lot less accidents than I would think the way they drive here, but you have to agree the driving here is insane.

          • Ray says:

            I went to Shanghai before and they beat the Filipinos for insane. Some pretty bad drivers here in los Angeles also. 🙂

          • Bruce says:

            OK, there are bad drivers all over the world. I just know in the US and here. Actually after 18 years in Southern California, drivers in LA have nothing over New York drivers.

  5. Ray says:

    If you want to continue this thread I have a couple memories of Filipino driving I will never forget.

    1. I was taking a bus to Banaue to see the rice terraces and the crazy driver is passing cars on winding mountain roads.

    2. I was traveling south on the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway)toward Manila in a hired car when all of a sudden there was a traffic jam. Many drivers including my driver cut across the median and was traveling south in the northbound lanes. Surprised there was no head on collision or collisions.

    • Bruce says:

      I have seen that too, buses and trucks jumping over to incoming lanes and gunning the gas to overtake long lines of traffic. I am amazed there is not more accidents here with the driving techniques.

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