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Where is Lake Mary Florida

I do not know exactly where Lake Mary Florida is, but for some strange reason this site has become popular there.

Why do I say that? Well I use site meter to keep track of the amount of visitors and their location.

Well today I noticed I had many visits from the location Lake Mary, Florida. 49 visits to be exact. The visits were short with a few page visits and from seconds to a few minutes on the site.

Now I enjoy continued visits from readers, but this is a little strange.

So if you are this person, please leave me a comment and let me know why all the short visits.

12 Responses to “Where is Lake Mary Florida”

  1. don m. says:

    It is by orlando and is listed as the fourth best place to live by money magazine. They have avery slick web site with a talking lady which does a verbal welcome. Thank you lol !

    • Bruce says:

      I googled Lake Mary too. The reason I wrote the article is I am getting flooded by hits from there. The visits are short and I think it is the same person since it shows the same operating and browser settings.
      It brings back to my mind how I was accused of “Invalid Clicks” from AdSense when they banned me.
      Large hit count looks good, but a high bounce rate kills the statistics for the site.

      • don m. says:

        Maybe you had better start buying lottery tickets the return might be better. lol I just ate my first salad from my garden it was fine after I got all the earwigs off of it. lol Also as I was washing the leafs a wasp flew off into the window but I have able to make fast with the butcher knife. Down the garbage disposal they all went. lol My wife just had her tonsils removed yesterday so she is still a little under the weather.

        • Bruce says:

          I have never won more than $5 on the lottery. Too bad you cannot use your lost tickets as a deduction on your taxes.
          If you cut down a wasp with a butcher knife, your better than catching a fly with chopsticks (Karate Kid)
          Send my best wishes to your wife and keep the ice cream coming.

          • don m. says:

            At the store the lottery machine says “not a winner” but I always tell my wife it should say looser. Two weeks ago I got a phone survey from the lottery thatlasted over a half hour. There sales have been off about 40 per cent. Part of the big bad enconomic times. I don’t do much better at the Indian casinos. Or as they say should only be used for entainment. I sart work at 6 am so this will be a good night from Southern Oregon. I now need all the beauty sleep I can get.

          • Bruce says:

            They say gambling business gets better with a poor economy. Maybe Americans are getting smart and not buying Lottery tickets. Casinos give better odds.

  2. Dan2maasin says:

    Like Don said, is close to Orlando area, and is a nice place. Not sure why you are getting the hits from one person there, unless you have a fan there and he/she hasn’t commented yet.
    At least with me, you know why you get the West Palm Beach

    Take care now,
    Danny 🙂

  3. J.C. says:

    Hi Don, I’am from Florida also, Bradenton. It’s an hour south of Tampa. My Wife is from Mindanao. We also play the lotto, and sometimes we win, but not enough times to say were even. I don’t smoke or drink so I play the loto once a week. Still waitting for the big win, so I can tell the Boss where to stick it. Untill than, we stay in Florida and make plans for our vacations in the Philippines……..J.C.

  4. Bruce–i live in the sanford -lake mary area–i read your site every day –or at least check it to see if there is any new post–perhaps it is me that causes the problem –i enjoy your post but will check it less if you think it is better for you–sorry if i cause you a problem–james the island trecker

    • Bruce says:

      It is not a problem, I only wrote the article because I noticed on sitemeter, of a few days there were many times the site was accessed from Lake Mary and showed time on site as 00:00. I was curious for all the activity. I am glad your a visitor and welcome your visits any time, any place and for as long as you wish.

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