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Wonderful Weather

For me, Saturday November 21 was a wonderful day for the weather. It was cloudy, light rains at time and breezy. Best of all it was cool. Many people love the idea of the Philippines being hot.

In America many people, especially as they get older, move to Florida, Arizona or Southern California for the warm or hot weather. However, in those locations, there are some seasonal changes.

Here in the Philippines, they do not discuss the temperatures in numbers. Mostly they talk about it as either HOT or VERY HOT. We even joke at times adding a third choice, Extremely Hot. In addition, here it is humid all the time. The combination of the heat and humidity create a “heat index” which is the temperature that it feels like, which is hotter.

At times, it does rain and will cool off the temperatures, but after the rain stops, the heat rises and so does the humidity. If it does rain in late afternoon and continues until the sun goes down, the evening will be cooler than usual. However, at night, because we do not have screens, we close the doors and windows to keep put the mosquitoes and roaches. In addition, as I have mentioned in many past articles, houses are mostly made of concrete block. This type of construction materials will absorb the heat during the day and radiate once the temperatures drop. A masonry wall can absorb enough heat where it will not radiate all its heat out over the night and would need a few days of lower temperatures to lose all its absorbed heat.

So, when it cools down and you close up the house, this heat will radiate back out. By the time you wake and open up the house, the sun is up and the heat returns. I decided to look at a weather history and make a little chart. I will show the past week and then one day a month for the past few months to show what temperatures are like here. I am also including the average humidity. I am surprised at how much I perspire here, and how heavy the air feels, the humidity is less than I was used to in Florida.

One thing that surprised me was the minimum temperature. I did not realize it got so cool here at night, but with all the building radiating the heat, to feel these lower temperatures you will probably need to be in an open area like at the airport where these temperatures were recorded.


I hope this helps with some idea of the weather here.

6 Responses to “Wonderful Weather”

  1. Hi Bruce,

    Wow! Your lows are our highs! Amazing when you think about it. One question – why don’t you put screens on the windows?

    • Bruce says:


      I have thought of adding screens to some of the windows. I cannot add a screen door since I have so little room, if the car is parked, I would not be able to swing a screen door out. In my bedroom, we have what could be described and tall french window/door and there is no place to put that in and be able to open.
      When we someday buy or build a more modern house, you can be sure screens will be included. Then only the tiny flies and mosquitoes will get in.

      • Hi Bruce,

        They sell up here a door hanging mosquito net. Sort of like two pieces of mosquito netting hanging in the doorway which overlap each other by about a foot (or more). Very effective. The sides and top are fixed to the door frame. Would you be able to find down there Velcro in a roll and about 3/4″ wide? Maybe a marine supply place. The hooked part makes a great method for attaching screening and makes it easy to remove too. Just attach the hooked part of Velcro to the door or window frame (glue or self-adhesive)and stick the screening too it (nylon mesh screening).

        • Bruce says:

          Thanks for the idea, I will look into it. But there are too few times I would open windows and not use air conditioning. My bedroom and most of my house does not have much in cross ventalation to catch a breeze.

  2. Rich says:

    haha “Then only the tiny flies and mosquitoes will get in.”

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